We partner with like-minded football clubs who think differently and are willing to evolve with the game.  As trusted advisors, we apply contextual intelligence to our client’s biggest challenges and help them achieve competitive edge. Working alongside clubs, prospective owners and rights holders to help them solve problems and achieve competitive edge

Authority FC is headed up by experienced business man Scott “Matchmaker” Michaels. Scott has a proven track record ,building brands with over £100m of sales from his own brands Hairbond, Stylo Matchmakers, Mr Crack and Savier. Scotts has the unique ability to find value as well has an extensive amount of experience in business . Scott also owns digital footballer agency Pro Footballers.

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My strategy in business has always to Zag where my competitors would Zig. Since 2017 I have helped a number of pro clubs with outside council. Building up brands is what I do and I look forward to working on more projects that will add value to clubs “

Scott Michaels
Authority FC