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The average tenure of the professionalfootball manager or head coach is typically between 12-24 months. We help boardrooms with the hiring process to ensure the candidates are the right match for the football club.

Recruitment of Managers

According to the CEO of Capital One, Richard Fairbank, managers in most companies spend 2% of their time in the process that leads to recruiting new members, while they spend 75% of their time dealing with the mistake they made while recruiting the new members. The probability that your club will hire a new coach within the next 12 months is very high. What should you do to increase your chances of appointing the right manager?

First, the club needs to objectively determine if employing a new manager is necessary at the moment. The practice in many clubs is to sack the manager after a few short-term poor results even if the long-term goals are still intact. But this practice is not the best. However, there are some times that the club is under pressure to get a new manager. For example, if other clubs are requesting the services of the current manager and he is willing to go.

Second, the club needs to assess prospective managers with the following criteria: philosophy (is his philosophy and style the same with the clubs?), a track record of results and performance, and resourcefulness. It is common knowledge that clubs don’t have the luxury of time to employ a new manager; however, accessing available coaches on these criteria will reduce the chances of interviewing a wrong candidate.

The method described above is called the Manager Surveillance system. It doesn’t replace a systematic interview process; however, it helps clubs to be more strategic about the candidates to interview. Thereby saving time, money and other resources.