The boardroom is the management of the football club. They determine how the club is run. To achieve success, football clubs need to make their boardrooms SMART. Some of the characteristics of a smart boardroom are highlighted below.

The smart boardroom:

  • Develops a structure and philosophy for the club, and communicates this effectively with every member of the team. In other words, when new players and staff are recruited, they are not allowed to do as they wish. Instead, they are promptly intimated with the structure and philosophy of the club.
  • Recognises that increase in wage of team members doesn’t guarantee success. Therefore, rather than focus on using money to motivate their members, they seek for other creative ways of inspiring them.
  • Judges the team members based on performance, not on results.
  • Has alternative plans and strategies in case things don’t go according to the initial plan.
  • Realises the importance of engaging and listening to the fans.
  • Knows that the chance of getting good players from the transfer market is slim; therefore, sets recruitment guidelines that will increase the chances of getting the desired players, as well as identify skilful players in their academy.
  • Create goals and targets for the new season before its commencement and communicate them with the team members.
  • Focuses on solving a problem permanently, rather than engaging quick fixes.